Winter Wetsuit Range

The beauty of having an amazing wetsuit is the fact that you can surf out of the way places that are colder, and actually stay out longer and get more waves. And that makes us all happier.” – Keith Malloy, Patagonia surf ambassador

Patagonia Wetsuit Video

Director Chris Malloy and Filmaker Jason Baffa team up for a fresh look at Patagonia’s wetsuit lineup. Check out the video below for the latest on the Patagonia wetsuit range.

The Latest in wetsuit technology

With the dropping temperatures you have probably already thought about the best way to keep yourself warm in the ocean and more importantly warm enough to spend extra hours in the ocean over the next few months… sure, wetsuits are an expensive investment, but when you divide the cost of your suit by the number of surfs you get out of it, you would see that it equates to less per day than a cup of coffee or afternoon beer; and the smiles and feeling that most of these sessions will bring are priceless.

It’s the merino lining that gives our wetsuits their added warmth without added rubber. But our patented merino wool grid is just one part of the successful equation. The neoprene we use has a high-density nitrogen cell structure for maximum warmth and durability, the post consumer recycled polyester jersey increases durability while minimizing environmental impact, and the quality craftsmanship and attention to little details ensures a great performing, well-made wetsuit.

Patagonia wetsuits are decidedly warmer than standard nylon-lined suits. But that’s not all. They also wear longer, dry faster and are more environmentally conscious than other suits. To know which suit is more suited for you and your climate we offer our suits in four styles– R1®, R2®, R3®, and R4® – for all water temperatures, and in several cuts for men and women.

R1® wetsuits — 18–23° C
 water temps

Made for warmer water with 2mm neoprene and recycled polyester. Recommended areas — Tropical climates; Indonesia, Fiji, Soma, Hawaii… and people who require a touch of added warmth throughout Queenslands winter.

R2® wetsuits — 12–18° C
 water temps

Made for cool water with 2mm neoprene lined with chlorine-free merino wool. Recommended areas — East coast of oz throughout the entirety of winter, Western OZ, Northern half and east coast of New Zealand.

R3® wetsuits — 8–12° C
 water temps

Made for cold water with 3mm neoprene lined with chlorine-free merino wool (except accessories). Recommended areas — Victoria and South Australia Winters, Tasmania, Southern regions and west coast of NZ North Island and Northern regions of South Island.

R4® wetsuits — 3–8° C
 water temps

Made for frigid water with 5mm neoprene (front and back torso, seat), 4mm (arms & legs), 3mm (underarms, external gasket, hood) lined with chlorine-free merino wool (except accessories). Recommended areas — Tasmania Winter, South Island NZ, Canada, Antarctica summers!

Background Photo: by Mike Tittel