“My idea of the good life is doing what I want, when I want, how I want. Most often that involves being in the ocean. Patagonia’s wetsuits allow me to do just that; Staying warmer and surfing longer over the winter months, and being more comfortable throughout the summer.” — Belinda Baggs / Patagonia Ambassador (Newcastle, Australia).

Warmer. Fast Drying. Durable. Environmentally Conscious

When we build a product we want to build the best. When it comes to wetsuits, we guarantee to be providing something warmer, more flexible, better fitting and tough enough to withstand extended use.

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A New Standard for Warmth

Ordinary neoprene wetsuits have always been measured in millimeters. But there’s more to Patagonia® suits … continue »

New Standard For Warmth

Attention to Detail

It takes about 6 hours and 45 minutes to make a Patagonia full suit. That’s … continue »

Attention To Detail

Key Features & Benefits

In a nutshell… the argument for Patagonia wetsuits: Our cool to cold water wetsuits are … continue »


Wetsuit Product Range

The beauty of having an amazing wetsuit is the fact that you can surf out … continue »

Background Photo: by Scott Winer. Kohl Christensen locks into another one in a seemingly endless week of A-plus surf in Fiji.