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Keith Malloy


Ojai, CA


Ojai, CA

Like his brothers, Keith is a master of all forms of waveriding. Whether it’s a gun, a thruster or a pair of swim fins, his approach speaks of a lifelong commitment to the sea. After years of surfing in front of the lens, he recently stepped behind the scenes to direct the bodysurf film Come Hell or High Water. He lives in California with his family.

Career Highlights

  • His Dad pushed him into his first wave at age 4
  • Surfed his hometown until moving to Hawaii in late teens
  • Surfed on the US National team as an amateur
  • Qualified for the world tour at age 26
  • Made the decision not to compete after an injury and went back to free surfing, traveling and big wave riding
  • Featured in numerous films and magazines including the cover of Surfer and Surfing 7 times
  • Climbed the North American Wall, El Capitan, Yosemite, California
  • Second place finish in the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard Race
  • Finalist at the Pipeline Bodysurf Contest
  • Director of film, Come Hell or High Water

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