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Tom Doidge-Harrison




Co. Clare, Ireland

As a skinny eleven-year-old shivering on a Cornish beach, Tom likely didn’t foresee a future that would lead him into some of Northern Europe’s heaviest surf. He eventually settled on the western shores of Ireland, where he shares a small cottage with his family, charges barrels and shapes custom sleds for County Clare’s magical string of coldwater slabs.

Career Highlights

  • Became a father in 2011
  • Managed to keep surfing while juggling fatherhood (2012-2013)
  • First real surfboard, WA, 1996
  • First Irish surf trip in 1999 with sister, Jo
  • First proper tube at D-bah New South Wales, 2000
  • First tropical reef rash, Uluwatu, 2000
  • First snapped board, Uluwatu, 2000
  • First taste of big waves, Punta Lobos, Chile, 2004
  • Drop into Aileen's for the first time, 2006
  • Big Aileen's barrel, 2007
  • Two wave hold down, 2008
  • Two wave hold down with broken rib, 2010
  • 10 consecutive duckdives through the set of death at Aileen's, 2010

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