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Looking Beneath The Surface

Looking Beneath The Surface

Looking Beneath The Surface

"I have spent a life underwater, one that is very dependant on reef systems and the ocean”.

During an uneven sailing crossing between the Queensland coast and The Great Barrier Reef Belinda Baggs has a chat with Kimi Werner and Wayne Lynch.

Listen along as the three share a connected passion for the ocean and a desire to protect it.

The largest living structure on earth, the Great Barrier Reef provides habitats for thousands of species. The reef, however, is under threat. Currently almost half of its coral has been lost or damaged, most of this in some way attributable to human impact, the biggest single factor being climate change.

Together Belinda, Kimi and Wayne explore the reef and experience personally how something this vast and wonderful can at the same time be entirely vulnerable.


Time is fast running out. Our actions today will decide the fate of the reef tomorrow. Fight for our reef & JOIN US IN OPPOSING THE ADANI-CARMICHAEL MINE

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