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Watch 'Karioi' Film


This short documentary follows a group of surfers and environmentalists as they work to restore a maunga.






Narrated by surfer and Patagonia Global Sports Activist Dave Rastovich, 'Karioi' celebrates The Karioi Project, a community initiative launched back in 2009 in an effort to restoring the dwindling seabird populations, preserving biodiversity, and taking back the sacred maunga


What started out as a conservation group trapping invasive predators, has swelled to an initiative of more than 350 volunteers of all ages, who now also run community and education programs, reconnecting locals with the area’s ecology.


“As a surfer, I’ve been lucky enough to have surfed around the world and seen the great work coastal communities are carrying out to look after their shared ecologies," tells Rastovich. "I would have to say that Raglan's effort to care for country, and especially the migrating seabirds that call that rugged coast home, offers one of the most inspiring stories of working together for the benefit of all local creatures.” 



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Find out about Patagonia environmental grants program here


 'Karioi' is filmed, directed and edited by Andrew Buckley and produced by Sean Doherty with consultation from Shannon Bourke.


 Banner image: Raglan, New Zealand – Aoteroa, from the air. Photo: Jwain Milek.

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