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The Refuge

| Patagonia

The Gwich'in are fighting to protect their future, but they can’t win this battle alone.

Black Summer, White Winter

| Bill Barker

From the bushfires of Ulladulla to the snows of Kashmir, it’s been a wild year for Bill Barker.

Bright Sparks of Yackandandah

| Jock Serong

The Victorian country town that set up its own solar energy grid.

Sunnyside Up

| Tommy Caldwell

Last November, Fitz Caldwell (age 6) finished his first multipitch climb, Sunnyside Bench in Yosemite National Park. He did it with his dad, Tommy.

'Watershed Chats' with Dave Rastovich + Lauren Hill

| Patagonia

Leah Thomas is at the leading edge of Intersectional Environmentalism, a term she coined as a way to advocate for the protection of people and the planet simultaneously. This chat examines the links between social justice and environmentalism.

'Outdated Children': A Review

| Sean Doherty

Filmmaker Mick Waters packed up his young family for a road trip around Australia’s sparse southern coasts. He encountered all sorts of interesting critters… some of whom surfed.

Bunna Lawrie: The Bight Goes On Forever

| Sean Doherty

Mirning elder and whalesong man, Uncle Bunna became a totem figure in the campaign to save the Great Australian Bight.

Frequently Asked Questions: Living in a Van on the Road with Kids

| Lydia Zamorano

In 2018 Lydia Zamorano and her husband Sonnie Trotter left home on a year-long climbing road trip with a 7-month-old baby and a 4-year-old in tow. She asked Becca Caldwell and Zoe Hart – two other moms with lots of experience living on the road – about their experiences and shared her own as well.

Lessons from Jeju

| Patagonia

Join Kimi Werner on her journey in 'Lessons from Jeju', where she learns about motherhood, culture, diving and providing from South Korea’s mothers of sea, the haenyeo. “The world doesn’t seem to embrace how badass motherhood is,” says Kimi.

Adventures in Motherhood

| Jasmin Caton

Jasmin Caton worried having twins might slow down her life in the mountains. Then she remembered what her parents did with her.

How Yvon Chouinard Taught My Kids About Trout Fishing

| Dylan Tomine

As the kids grow older, it becomes clearer and clearer to me how precious, and short, our time is together. It’s also become more important than ever to me that they spend time with key people in my life – friends and mentors who’ve inspired me and helped along the way – in the hopes that a little wisdom and generous spirit will rub off on the kids. 

Nose to the Wind

| Steve House

Steve House joins forces with coach Scott Johnston and athlete Kílian Jornet to develop a comprehensive approach to finding the joy and the payoff of intense training. Even lunges.

'Los Plástico': a Short Film

| Léa Brassy

Five hundred miles off the Chilean coast, there’s a small island that carries the name of a famous castaway.

Foothills: the Unlinked Heritage of Snowboarding

| Patagonia

The people of Petran, Turkey, have been snowboarding for roughly 300 years. It’s not snowboarding as we know it, but you’ll recognise it.


| Patagonia

Five lives transformed by the sea. Directed by Keith Malloy, Fishpeople tells the stories of a unique cast of characters who have dedicated their lives to the sea.

What a Road Trip Breakdown Has to Do with Mars

| Bonnie Tsui

The story behind the iconic photo from a Patagonia Spring Catalog in 1993 and how it surprisingly leads to Mars.

What Do the Winds Bring?

| Kieran Brownie

After surviving calamity in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, a few skiers return to COVID-19.

Mountain of Storms

| Patagonia

The mythological origin story behind the Patagonia name and philosophy, and proving what’s important isn’t what you accomplished, it’s how you got there.

Life of Pie

| Patagonia

Two unconventional women have helped reshape one of Colorado’s most conservative towns, uniting the community through advocacy, inclusivity, and damn good pizza.

History Is in Our hands

| Belinda Baggs

Belinda Baggs journeys to the frontlines lending a hand to Stop Adani....."The Carmichael mine site is 350km and a 4 hour drive away. We aimed to be there before the workers rise and get on their way. The task was to assess the area for change and possible signs of construction"

Junk Paddle

| Beau Miles

Wood is everywhere mate, along train lines, on building site sites, under your neighbour’s house, and on every second nature strip in Australia during hard rubbish.

The Slab Hunter: Ben Wilkinson Woodwork

| Malcolm Johnson

It didn’t take long for Ben Wilkinson to figure out that there was freedom to be had in working for himself—and that freedom was the first requirement if he wanted to go surfing whenever the waves got huge. “I left home when I was 16,” he remembers,…

Law of the Land Is the Law of the People

| Belinda Baggs

"The law of the land is the law of the people. Our job is to respect and protect"

Watch the World Demand Action for takayna

| Shannon Bourke

On 27 November 2018, this campaign reached a climax at a community rally on the lawns of Parliament House in Hobart. More than 500 Tasmanians turned out to demand action for  takayna. The rally was also a moment of celebration to thank the 254,246 people from 137 countries who signed  Patagonia’s petition. 

A Strange Diversion: Remembering Teahupoo’s First Surfer

| Lauren L. Hill

I’m bobbing in the middle of the great South Pacific Ocean, on the edge of a scrappy reef on the edge of the little island of Tahiti. We’ve arrived in Tahiti in the offseason to relish in uncrowded line-ups. Specifically, to bodysurf Teahupo’o. As local historian and biologist Peva Levy reminds us, Teahupo’o is not actually the local name for the wave, but the name of the land nearest to the break. He explains further the traditional name of the wave – Pererure, meaning “spinning top” – was bestowed by the wave’s first surfer, a young girl from Raiatea named Vehiatua. 

Patagonia Vs Donald Trump

| Rosecrans Baldwin

We all knew the legendary outerwear company Patagonia lived and breathed the adventurous life. We knew they cared about the environment. But it wasn’t till Trump came along that we realised they were ready to fight.

An Excerpt from 'takayna: Our People, Our Land, Our History, Our Culture'

| Sharnie Read

So, I have been asked to write my story, my connection to country and my feelings regarding the country into which I was born, takayna. I’m not much of a writer. I tell stories in my own way and share my culture in ways I hope helps others understand; not just understand me but understand the strong spirit of this country and of my people.

A New Light

| Patagonia

In his years at Patagonia Rick has been responsible for several landmark initiatives, including the iconic “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign, which challenged the idea of rampant consumerism.

Know Better, Do Better

| Dave Rastovich

For a long time now, there’s been too little transparency in the garment industry. When we buy clothing, we’re often oblivious to the reality of how it was made.