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Fly Fishing

Be Brave. Be Kind. Go Get ‘Em!

| Aimee Eaton

We spend our first 40 weeks in water. Some of us never get over it.

How Yvon Chouinard Taught My Kids About Trout Fishing

| Dylan Tomine

As the kids grow older, it becomes clearer and clearer to me how precious, and short, our time is together. It’s also become more important than ever to me that they spend time with key people in my life – friends and mentors who’ve inspired me and helped along the way – in the hopes that a little wisdom and generous spirit will rub off on the kids. 

It’s All Home Water: Oregon Steelhead

| Steve Duda

Squeaky wheels, wild fish and carrot sticks, with Jeff Hickman –  a prominent steelhead fishing guide, outfitter, and activist for wild rivers and wild fish.

Finnish Breakthrough

| Gregory Fitz

How actor Jasper Pääkkönen advocates for wild fish.

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