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Another Domino Falls in the Bight

| Patagonia

Energy giant Santos has relinquished their oil and gas exploration permit in the Great Australian Bight.

Manyana Still Matters

| Patagonia

This last refuge for wildlife from the Black Summer fires is still under threat.

About that Burning Ring of Fire

| Patagonia

A leaking gas pipeline has set the ocean – and the Internet – alight.

Seven Mile Showdown

| Patagonia

There’s trouble brewing in the sylvan hills of Broken Head.

Salmon Farms Banned in Argentina

| Patagonia

In an historic decision overnight, salmon farming has been banned from the coastlines of Argentina.


Could This Be the Tipping Point for takayna?

| Patagonia

Forest defenders resilient, as arrests climb above 50 and the Federal Environment Minister flies in for talks.

Pilbara Renewable Energy Hub Rejected

| Patagonia

The world’s largest renewable energy project, proposed for Australia’s northwest, has been knocked back as being too environmentally destructive.

"Shameful but Not Surprising"

| Patagonia

Great Barrier Reef’s World Heritage status threatened over Australia’s lack of climate action.

Antarctica Is at Risk, Right Now

| Patagonia

The Australian government plans to build the continent’s biggest infrastructure project to date, a permanent airport nearby Davis Station.

Last Year Ningaloo, Now The Twelve Apostles

| Patagonia

In a clear sign that nowhere in Australia is off limits to the offshore oil and gas industry, the release yesterday of the 2021 petroleum exploration acreage includes an area just five kilometres from the world famous Twelve Apostles on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road.

A Bigger Footprint Than Adani

| Patagonia

In Australia there’s a truism that things are bigger in the West.

Australian Waters Get Long Overdue Lifeline

| Elle Murrell

New marine parks the size of France, plus $100 million in support

The Ground Shifts under Big Oil and Gas

| Sean Doherty

A series of fortunate global events have already taken on a sense of historical significance

PEP11 in Limbo as Plans to Drill Continue

| Patagonia

While officially, the fate of the PEP 11 gas exploration permit off the coast of Sydney and Newcastle remains in limbo, the company holding the permit marches ahead with plans to drill an exploratory well.

Can’t Silence the School Strikers

| Patagonia

Momentum builds as thousands turnout to fight gas expansion and climate inaction

Defenders Evicted as Toxic Mine Dump Threatens takayna

| Patagonia

The Pieman Blockade shut down, but activists refuse to abandon forest to foreign mining interests

The White Elephant of Kurri Kurri

| Patagonia

Morrison gov’t dropping $600 million on new gas power plant met with dismay

Big Gas Sails Out of Westernport, Into Corio Bay

| News Desk

Victoria’s fight against a gas import terminal moves round the bend

Adani Mine Runs Dry

| Patagonia

Federal Court rules against Morrison gov’t’s water approval for Carmichael mine

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