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Bight Fight Goes Coast-To-Coast In Australia

| Sean Doherty

Swinging by the Byron Bay paddle-out early on Saturday morning, it was clear these things had gained a life of their own.

Saving Martha

| Sean Doherty

King Island was recently revealed as the proposed location for an industrial salmon farm, more specifically the waters off Martha Lavinia Beach. 

A line in the sand

| Sean Doherty

The surfers of Australia have stood up for the Great Australian Bight. 

Stand for the Bight

| Patagonia

" Its a backwards move to start an oil field in a pristine marine environment." Heath Joske discusses the issues with drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight

Salty, Sunburnt and Surfed-Out: Belinda Baggs & Liz Clark

| Belinda Baggs

Belinda Baggs and Liz Clark were connected by a shared passion of the ocean and environmental activism. Both women have chased their desires of travel and surfing in different directions. Listen in as they talk tales of pursuing their dreams, the complexities of life as a female surfer and trying to live with a smaller carbon footprint in today’s world.

Conversations From The Clifftop: Wayne Lynch and Gerry Lopez

| Sean Doherty

But the wave was still the wave and Bali was still Bali and over a week of surfing and yoga the pair reconnected with the spirit of the place. On their final night on the island, these two surfing legends gathered on the cliff and held court, discussing Bali then and now and the whole notion of change.

West of Pointerville

| Sean Doherty

While the rest of Australia is rallying to save the Great Barrier Reef, this coast – equally precious in its own wild way – is in just as much danger. There’s a distinct look to Rich’s work that’s hard to decode. They’re beautiful, but also a little unsettling. Where is everyone?

This is not a drill

| Jock Serong

Three horizontal bands across the southern half of the planet: desert, ocean and ice. What the hell does an oil company want with being out there, and why on earth would we let them?

Tales from the Third Ledge

| Sean Doherty

Six years ago, when that famous wave broke on the Third Ledge at Cloudbreak – tearing down reef, tearing through time, majestically unridden, surfers scrambling for their lives – there was one question left hanging in the air like sea mist. As the last wave washed through the lagoon and slunk back into the ocean, the water still hissing, chunks of coral sinking back to the ocean floor and heartbeats returning to safe levels, everyone who witnessed it had one thought. If Cloudbreak ever did that again, could it even be ridden? 

The Never Town Grassroots Tour

| Dave Rastovich

Good news can be hard to find. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Good people doing good work can also be hard to hear about. They are often too busy doing the work to be out beating their chests about it and demanding attention. There are a lot of uplifting stories and inspiring...

Big Oil is not welcome in the Bight

| Patagonia

The Great Australian Bight has always been considered too wild and too deep to even consider drilling for oil out there...

Looking Beneath The Surface

| Belinda Baggs

Listen along as Belinda Baggs, Kimi Werner and Wayne Lynch share a connected passion for the ocean and a desire to protect it.

The More Things Change

| Patagonia

We are all locals. And we live in a global world. We can no longer pass through or visit remote wild places and trust they will remain that way. Patagonia’s friends have always brought us news of places they loved that are threatened. Patagonia is committed to bringing our resources and connections to bear on these threats to wildness, far and wide. We all have a chance to make a difference. Take a stand.