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Trail running

Run To
Be Visible

| Patagonia

Lydia Jennings honours Indigenous scientists of the past, present and future.

For the Land We Inhabit

| Felipe Cancino

The communities of Cajón del Maipo, in Chile, are seeing their environment be threatened by an unnecessary hydroelectric project.

Run To
Salvar una Cuenca

| Patagonia

Trail runner and activist Felipe Cancino takes us on a 120km run through Chile’s Maipo River Valley.

Running the Isle

| Monica Prelle

Exploring one of the least visited but most revisited national parks in the US, on foot.

Did You Ever Think?

| Kim Strom

After a difficult year, a runner finds life anew in the Sierra.

Tigers Change Their Stripes in the Tarkine

| Beau Miles

Beau Miles isn’t really one for running with others, activism, or taking more than two showers a week

If You Love It, Run for It: Dispatch from the Inaugural takayna Ultramarathon

| Krissy Moehl

“Exploring varying landscapes generates an energy and connection…that provides the ‘why’ to life for me.” “…these unbalanced running steps through lumping button grass were pounding a connection with the Tarkine into my cells.” “This event and the wild of Tassie tore in to my heart, embedded in my soul…”

Watch 'Unfenced'

| Patagonia

A race to keep the Red Desert wild.  The Red Desert in southwest Wyoming is the largest unfenced area in the continental United States. But pressure

Meet the Wolfpack

| Patagonia

High in the San Juan Mountains above Silverton, Colorado, a pack of runners roam.

The Human Bean

| Patagonia

Beau Miles eats beans for 40 days to explore the invisible side to eating, feeling, and running.

Nose to the Wind

| Steve House

Steve House joins forces with coach Scott Johnston and athlete Kílian Jornet to develop a comprehensive approach to finding the joy and the payoff of intense training. Even lunges.

The Most Obvious Line

| Luke Nelson

Luke Nelson's FKT on the Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup.

The Way There: Why We Create and Seek Out Trails

| Meaghen Brown

It starts with the focal beam of a headlamp. Sunrise is more than an hour away and it’s pouring rain. Hands tucked into the sleeves of a jacket, and the pace already quick through the sharp Tasmanian buttongrass—trying to stay warm. There is an urgency to understand this threatened place...

Dispatches from the Edge of the World

| Meaghen Brown

The wind at the edge of the world comes in clean and cold. Without any significant landmass to temper its force, it rips across the 40th latitude and slams into the prefab houses that straddle the tiny seaside township of Arthur River where we’re staying. It strains against the windows….

World Heritage Protection for the Tarkine

| Dr. Bob Brown

Nearly two centuries ago, Henry David Thoreau wrote that “In wildness is the preservation of the world.” I first went deep into the forests of northwestern Tasmania in 1973 in an unsuccessful search for the Tasmanian tiger. That wonderful creature is now accepted as extinct, but the Tarkine remains a…

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