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The Double Down

The Double Down

The Double Down

You donate. We match. Nature wins twice.

The support of grassroots activism as a means of pushing policy makers and government to act has never been more important than today. Patagonia pledges 1% of sales annually to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

Since 1985 that has totalled over $154 million in cash and kind to small, grassroots environmental groups all over the world. In Australia, Patagonia asked you to donate alongside us to help fund six key environmental projects with Seed, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Lock The Gate, South West Marine Debris Clean Up, 3000 Acres and Project Clean Uluwatu. We feel humbled by your support.

The Double Down has surpassed its fundraising goal: thanks to your donations and our matching grants all the projects reached beyond their initial targets and raised the combined sum of $125,289.

This will go a long way for these environmental groups to help raise awareness and address important environmental issues.

Learn more and continue supporting grassroots activism

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