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The Human Bean


Beau Miles eating tinned beans for 40 days is an insight into internal adventuring.


Beau’s latest film is inspired by a half-page scene in John Steinbeck's Tortilla Flat, where a family of poor, super healthy kids eat a mostly bean-based diet.


Eating 191 tins of beans, and only beans, transforms Beau into The Human Bean, and in doing so gives him a front row seat into how one food, totally and utterly, dictates how he feels.


Beau uses his intimate knowledge of running to compare his former self to his bean-self, logging lacklustre training for an ultramarathon that he plans on running during the final day of the experiment. Epiphanies are had, saddles are blazed, and genuine insight emerges from what is a strangely appealing day-to-day of mediocrity.



Banner image – Photo: Mitch Drummond.

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