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Watch 'Unfenced'


A race to keep the Red Desert wild.


The Red Desert in southwest Wyoming is the largest unfenced area in the continental United States. But pressure from the oil and gas lobby is currently shaping how the Bureau of Land Management administers this unique landscape.



"We need to preserve some islands of natural beauty, of natural ecosystems, and there aren't very many of them left." – John Mionczynski. 





In order to raise awareness about this threatened ecosystem, several Wyoming conservation groups have banded together to organize a trail race that brings runners, local stakeholders, and concerned citizens together to experience this place and see exactly what is at stake.



"I am inviting all of us to take part in educating ourselves... just start by Googling: 'What is happening in my backyard?'" – Clare Gallagher.




Along with local wildlife biologist John Mionczynski, the film features ultrarunner and Patagonia Global Sports Activist, Clare Gallagher. "The reality is, the biggest thing we can all do and what I care most about, is trying to enact systematic change... me educating and talking to and learning from people in the Red Desert, that is going to have systematic change, more so than driving a hybrid," she tells.


"I am inviting all of us to take part in educating ourselves on what's happening, so if it's the Red Desert you care about, or your backyard, just start by Googling: 'What is happening in my backyard?'... Call me radical, but is it too much to ask for clean air and wild places that three, seven generations, from now, our future family members, can enjoy?"



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Banner image – The Red Desert, Wyoming. Photo: Javier Fernandez.

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