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'Watershed Chats' with Dave Rastovich + Lauren Hill


Episode 8: Heath Joske.



Heath Joske is a freesurfer, activist, and Bight local committed to regenerating his homelands.



Freesurfer, activist and Bight local Heath Joske.All Photos: Sacha Robinson.



In one of the driest parts of one of the driest continents on Earth, Heath has committed to rehabilitating a large coastal acreage that was stripped bare by industrial agriculture. 



Heath and his family.



Between riding some of Australia’s most revered and underground waves and raising a young family, Heath is employing the principles of regenerative organic agriculture to bring balance back to his local, coastal ecology.  





Watershed Chats are deep dives with experts and those having a go at building and dreaming new ways for a healthy and habitable future on Planet Ocean. 


Watershed moments are traditionally understood as a division or distinction between two phases. They can be turning points that define our shared history. We're asking: where to from here?



Presented by The Waterpeople Podcast in collaboration with Patagonia.

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