Patagonia Snow

A Story Written in Rings

Directed by Jordan Manley

Quietly, patiently, trees endure. They are the oldest living beings we come to know during our time on earth. They provide our shelter, our fuel, our companions, and—in some cases—our divinity. They are living bridges into our planet’s enormous past, their obscure stories written into their rings over centuries and even millennia. Treeline takes us to the enshrined cypress groves of Japan, the towering red cedars of British Columbia, and the ancient bristlecones of Nevada, following a handful of skiers, snowboarders, scientists and healers as they move through these giants and explore a connection older than humanity.

Tour Dates

11/7/18 - Seed Peoples Market Costa Mesa - Costa Mesa, CA - Doors: 7 PM, Film: 7:30 PM *

11/8/18 - Patagonia Salt Lake City - Salt Lake City, UT - Doors: 7 PM, Film: 7:30 PM **

11/8/18 - evo Portland - Portland, OR - Door: 6 PM, Film: 7 PM *

11/9/18 - evo Seattle - Seattle, WA - Door: 6 PM, Film: 7 PM *

11/10/18 - Patagonia Whistler - Whistler, BC - Door: 7 PM, Film: 8 PM *

11/12/18 - Patagonia Vancouver - Vancouver, BC - Door: 7 PM, Film: 7:30 PM *

11/14/18 - Patagonia Lincoln Park - Chicago IL - Doors: 7 PM, Film: 7:30 PM **

11/14/18 - Patagonia Calgary - Calgary, AB - Doors: 6:30 PM, Film: 7:00 PM *

11/15/18 - Patagonia Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA - Doors: 7 PM, Film: 7:30 PM ***

11/15/18 - Patagonia Banff - Banff, AB - Doors: 7 PM, Film: 7:30 PM *

11/16/18 - Patagonia Reno - Reno, NV - Door: 7 PM, Film: 7:30 PM **

* With special guest, Alex Yoder

** With special guest, Carston Oliver

*** With special guest, Leah Evans

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