Patagonia Sponsorships

Patagonia’s resources that might go to donations and sponsorships have been earmarked for another purpose; we donate dollars and goods to non-profit grassroots environmental organisations, as described in the Enviro Grants section. These groups work to protect the environment and educate people in reducing our impact on the earth. By donating to these groups, we are helping to promote and protect the environment for everyone.

On rare occasions, we support unique grassroots events related to the sports we build apparel for and help individuals who are pushing the envelope of surfing, snowboarding, skiing, trail running, fly fishing, alpine climbing or rock climbing. For your request to receive serious attention, please fill out a sponsorship application form and submit it along with supporting documentation (plans, timelines, environmental contributions, previous accomplishments, etc.).


Submit a Patagonia Sponsorship Request 

Please select whether you are seeking an individual or event sponsorship and then fill in the accompanying form. Attachments must not be larger than 10mb .