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Big Oil Does Not Belong In The Great Australian Bight

BP, when applying to drill for oil in the Bight in 2016, stated in their confidential environment plan that an oil spill in the Bight and the resulting clean up would provide a “welcome boost to local economies.” Even after destroying the coastline and the lives of local communities, they were still thinking in terms of dollars.

Unfathomably, the Australian Government granted the first exploration permits in the Bight less than a year after BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig had exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, laying waste to the Gulf coast. The same company was now granted permits in waters twice as deep, waters open to the full force of the Roaring Forties, and waters home to one of the world’s last great pristine marine ecologies. What could go wrong?

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Part surf film, part conservation film, Never Town takes a journey along some wild coastlines and talks with the people fighting to keep them wild. Filmed along the Southern Ocean coasts of Australia, it’s an exploration of what these places mean to surfers… and what surfers are willing to do to save them. As surfing elder Wayne Lynch says, “We mythologised these places. We lose them and we lose ourselves.”

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Patented Innovation

The biggest waves used to be called the Unridden Realm. But that term no longer applies—today’s big wave surfers are constantly redefining what’s possible in the most powerful surf the oceans can offer.

Working with our ambassadors and many of the world’s best big wave riders, our R&D team developed the PSI (Personal Surf Inflation) Vest to help increase safety in heavy waves.

Supporting multiple rapid inflations and featuring a dump valve for quick deflation in the water, the PSI Vest is a pioneering, purpose-built tool for use in the most critical surf situations.

We spent over five years developing and testing the vest specifically for big wave surfing, and received a U.S. patent for its innovative technology in 2014.

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