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Closer to the Ground (Paperback) - Miscellaneous


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Published by Patagonia®, updated and revised in a new format with full-color photos and seasonal, family-friendly recipes throughout, an engaging memoir that follows Dylan Tomine and his family through four seasons as they hunt chanterelles, fish for salmon, dig clams and gather at the kitchen table, mouths watering, to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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Published by Patagonia and now updated in a new format, with full-color photos and recipes throughout, Closer to the Ground is the deeply personal story of a father learning to share his love of nature with his children, not through the indoor lens of words or pictures, but directly, palpably, by exploring the natural world as they forage, cook and eat from the woods and sea. Closer to the Ground captures the beauty and surprise of the world—and the ways it teaches us how to live—with humor, gratitude and a nose for adventure as keen as a child's. It is a book filled with weather, natural history, and many delicious meals. Dylan Tomine, formerly a fly-fishing guide, now spends his days and nights as a writer, conservation advocate, fish bum and father (not necessarily in that order). His writing has appeared in The Flyfish Journal, The Drake, Golfweek, The New York Times and numerous other publications. Dylan also serves as a trustee with the Wild Steelhead Coalition, and an ambassador for Patagonia and Patagonia Provisions®. He lives with his family on an island in the Puget Sound.


256 pages, with full-color photos throughout

Dimensions: 6" X 7.5"

Published by Patagonia®

Book printed on 100 percent recycled paper

Paperback book

Weight: 0.6969 g


0.697 kg


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