Rally For Native Forests | Meanjin / Brisbane 19 August

On Saturday morning, a forest march was held in Meanjin/Brisbane, calling for an end to native forest logging nationally. The rally, led by the Bob Brown Foundation, was coordinated around the Australian Labor Party national conference, being held in Brisbane over the weekend, where a national ban on native forest logging was due to be discussed. It was the culmination of a rolling series of rallies right around the country protesting native forest logging, which despite being recently banned in Victoria and Western Australia continues to be hugely destructive to critical habitats in other states and territories.


“Today’s pro forest rally is the start of a huge national campaign to end native forest logging,” said Bob Brown addressing the crowd on Saturday morning. “Polls show voters of all parties favour ending logging. Eight out of 10 Labor voters want it to end, but Albo is with the small minority who back the chainsaws.”


The Roaring Journals was in Meanjin on Saturday morning and broadcast the rally live. You can catch up and watch it now.


Don’t forget to sign and share the  Native Forest Declaration.

Rally For Native Forests | Meanjin / Brisbane 19 August


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