North Shore Betty
Patagonia presents North Shore Betty, a film about bikes and one bad-ass mother hucker.
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Directed by Travis Rummel and Darcy Hennessey Turenne. // 12:10
The misty forests above North Vancouver, British Columbia, are hallowed ground for mountain biking, a place so harrowing it’s influenced every aspect of the sport for over 30 years. It’s also where Betty Birrell, at age 45, picked up mountain biking after a career as a mountaineer and professional windsurfer. Three decades later, the single mother still thinks life is one big playground—and that you’re never too old to send.
In honour of Mother’s Day and all the bad-ass moms out there, North Shore Betty is now live on our website. We’ll also be hosting a film tour, kicking off on 5/TK with the official world premiere at our Patagonia retail store in Vancouver, British Columbia. Check the @patagonia_mtb Instagram channel for dates, locations and more details on each stop. 

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