Corazón Salado
Ramón Navarro joins the Kawésqar community on a journey to protect their ancestral waters in Chilean Patagonia.
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2023/ 27 Min

Ramón Navarro joins with the Kawésqar—a traditionally nomadic Indigenous community who had their practices stripped from them during the colonization of Chilean Patagonia—in a fight for their homeland and ancestral waters. The salmon industry is creeping deeper and deeper into the region, polluting and destroying its wild and delicate ecosystem. For the locals, the fish no longer bite here, forcing the Kawésqar to stray farther from home to feed and support their families. Navarro connects with Leticia Caro and her father, Don Reinaldo, a traditional fisherman and elder, who show him the damaging effects of the salmon farms and the need to establish a marine protected area in the Kawésqar National Park. Along the way, they find common ground in their love for the sea.

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