Patagonia Climbing
Follow Lor Sabourin into the sandstone canyons of northern Arizona as they piece together five of the hardest pitches of their climbing career and a climbing community where everyone can thrive as their authentic self.
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Our world is stone
Shaped by water and wind and time
It sweats when it’s hot
And sticks when it’s cold
It’s the place where we gather
And tape our fingers

And huddle together to wait out storms
Where we’ve learned to try hard
And learned to fail
And sometimes succeed
Learned when to hold on
And when to let go

We’ve made families here
Shared beta
Returned each season, year after year
Finding our wildness in wild places
Spoken its language
Studied its cracks and fissures

Its imperfections and its characters
The moves that make up each route
The climbs that make up a life
The voices that make up a community
The ones that call us back

Climbing stories
Rediscovering the soul of climbing.
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