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Victoria ends native forest logging

On May 24, the Victorian Government announced that it was ending all native forest logging by January 2024. It was a stunning decision that has saved vast tracts of untouched forest and critical wildlife habitat right across Victoria from being turned into woodchips. It was a decision in response to years of tireless advocacy from grassroots environmental groups across the state. The fact that all of Victoria’s remaining native forests, including the majestic mountain ash forests of Victoria’s Central Highlands have now been protected is cause for celebration, and a major boost to the prospects of the Great Forest National Park being established in the near future. We thank and congratulate everyone who lent their time, voice, and passion to make this happen.

This film series explores the life of a unique and precious ecosystem on the doorstep of Melbourne and advocates for why its biodiversity, water, and culture should be protected.

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Run the Great Forest

We run with others to finish what we started, and to share the view. These forests are our common ground, they home enough singletrack to last a lifetime of shared adventure. Nowhere else on Earth can you run through trails with such a unique environment, lined with the tallest flowering plant on earth, the mountain ash and home to the critically endangered, Leadbeater’s possum. Join us as a member of our Patagonia Australia – New Zealand Strava club and find maps of the area to help you experience these precious lands.

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