Beyond the Office, Out of the Landfill

Why We’re Transitioning from Adding Logos

Patagonia is transitioning away from adding additional logos to our products, and we want to be clear about why.

Each day at Patagonia, we look for ways to use our business to save our home planet. As a clothier, that starts with creating goods that last—if not forever, then for a really, really long time. Using a garment for just over two additional years, for example, cuts its overall footprint by 82 percent, and we build our gear to be used for decades.

What we’ve learned is that adding an additional non-removable logo reduces the life span of a garment, often by a lot, for trivial reasons. People change jobs, and the extra logo makes for an awkward re-gift. People tend not to pass logo’d gear down to their kids, and not everyone wants to be an advertisement on weekends, even if they’re proud to go into work on weekdays. The result? Perfectly good gear ends up forgotten in the closet—or worse, gets tossed in the trash.

In 2018 alone, 11.3 million tons of textiles ended up in landfills, and we’re not okay being a part of that. Knowing how deeply you care about your colleagues, family and fellow humans, we don’t think you are either.

When we made this decision, we accepted that it might cost us some business. But we hope you’ll see this shift for what it is: another of our ongoing efforts to support a healthy planet—and a call to action. By joining us in extending the life of the gear you wear and use, you’re making a statement about your own commitment to sustainability.

Thank you for being a Patagonia customer and advocate, and please reach out to discuss other ideas for bringing Patagonia items to your team. But most of all, thank you for understanding, and giving a damn about saving our home planet.