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Belinda Baggs


Newcastle, Australia


Surf Coast Victoria, Australia

A seeker of wild places and warm blue water, Belinda’s heart has always been set in the ocean. A passionate all-around surfer, she’s perhaps best known for her graceful and technically accomplished longboard style. Bindy has a wandering spirit, but her roots are planted on the coast of Australia. “Time in the ocean,” she says, “is like returning home.” Mother to a 6 year old boy, she has a strong passion for environmental protection and preservation of all living things for the future generations. Belinda believes that living an examined everyday life is one easily attainable way forward to positive change in the current environmental crisis.

Career Highlights

  • Australian Professional Longboard Circuit Champion, 2000
  • Placed third in the Women's World Longboard Championship in Costa Rica, 2000
  • First female surfer featured on the cover of Surfers Journal
  • Featured surfer in the film Sprout
  • Featured in the film Dear and Yonder
  • Featured in the film Come Hell or High Water
  • Featured in the film Dear and Yonder
  • Ambassador for Take 3 for the Sea
  • Produced and featured in Patagonia film The Reef Beneath
  • Featured in the Patagonia film Never Town

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