Protect Australia’s Ocean for Good
Call on the Australian government to restore protection to the Coral Sea Marine Park, fully protect 30 per cent of Australia’s ocean by 2030 and prioritise First Nations stewardship of Sea Country. 
Protect the ocean so it can protect us.
  • Planet

    The ocean is a climate solution. Our shared seas absorb about 25 per cent of human-driven carbon emissions, produce at least half the oxygen we breathe, grow abundant, biodiverse fish populations and generate renewable energy that can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. 

  • People

    Around the world, coastal communities depend on the ocean. These are also the people who will bear the brunt of rising sea levels and damaged ocean habitats. Actions like designating Marine Protected Areas and mitigating industrial fishing can restore the ecosystems they need.

  • Culture

    Food and sport give us a direct connection to the ocean’s abundance and the sea holds a central, sacred space in many coastal communities. It feeds us responsibly, supports blue economies, and provides the waves we ride and the seemingly infinite waters we swim, dive and sail. Keeping these waters healthy ensures that symbiotic relationship remains strong. Protect the ocean and it’ll continue to provide for us.

Saving South Korea’s forgotten underwater forests isn’t just a commitment. For Mr. Ji, it’s a calling. 
  • Hot Pink Dolphins

    Jeju Island, South Korea

    A threat to dolphins is a threat to us.

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  • Corazón Salado

    Patagonia, Chile

    Ramón Navarro joins the Kawésqar community on a journey to protect their ancestral waters in Chilean Patagonia. 

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  • The Custodians

    Isle of Skye, Scotland

    When the fish stop flourishing, a few local Scots take matters into their own hands, one seagrass bed at a time.  

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