Yulex® Wetsuits
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Proud to be neoprene-free

Our Yulex® natural rubber wetsuits are here to make oil- and limestone-based neoprene suits a chapter of your dark past.

Dan Ross in the right place at the right time. New South Wales, Australia.

Blair Jeffreys

More Stretch

We worked closely with Yulex and Sheico to make our wetsuit foam 20% stretchier than its preceding generation, offering more flex in the shoulders and full freedom of movement for the most dynamic performance.

Improved Fit

Optimizing stretch and flex without binding at the joints or limiting range of motion, our new suits fit better across a wider spectrum of body types and are a breeze to slip in and out of.

Lighter Weight

Our newly reformulated Yulex® material makes our new suits 5% lighter than previous models. They’re also softer and faster drying.

More Comfort

Now with a smoother feel against the skin, we’ve updated the weave of our high-stretch linings, loosening up the shoulders for those arm-noodling sessions; new internal tape has a lower profile to eliminate rashing.

Guaranteed Durability

Built to last, our new materials continue to match our standards for warmth, strength and durability — and as always, every suit we make is backed by our wetsuit warranty.

Thank you for (finally) going Yulex®

If our only options for crafting wetsuits were oil- and limestone-based neoprene, we wouldn’t even bother. The process of manufacturing neoprene takes a heavy toll on the environment, so we craft our suits with Yulex® natural rubber* and we brought it to the wetsuit market 10 years ago, encouraging the industry to follow suit. A few niche wetsuit companies did. However, ticking that on-trend “go green” box isn’t quite enough. Is it a good start? Sure. Really though, it’s about goddamn time. *85% Yulex natural rubber/15% synthetic rubber by polymer content. The natural rubber is from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council® certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Natural latex, the base material for our wetsuits, flows from a hevea tree in the highlands of Guatemala.

Tim Davis

Yulex® Natural Rubber

Our renewable Yulex® natural rubber* is tapped from hevea trees that can produce rubber for up to 30 years; it replaces conventional, nonrenewable neoprene.

FSC® Certified

The raw rubber comes from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council certified by the Rainforest Alliance — meaning the trees aren’t grown on newly clear-cut rainforest land, like some of the world’s supply.

Solution-Dyed Linings

We’ve switched to black, solution-dyed interior linings and face fabric, saving 100 liters of water per suit; this is an 86% reduction in water use compared to conventional dyeing.

Less CO2

By replacing neoprene with natural rubber, we’re reducing CO2emissions by up to ~80% in the manufacturing process. Our new solution-dyed linings also reduce CO2by 96% compared to conventional dyeing.

AquaA™ Glue

Used for lamination of all fabrics in our Yulex® full suits, the water-based AquaA™ glue eliminates harmful VOCs and has the same durability as conventional, solvent-based wet-suit glues.

Recycled Polyester

Reducing the use of petroleum to make virgin polyester, the face fabric is high-stretch 85% recycled polyester/15% spandex; the thermal microgrid lining is stretchy, fast-drying 95% polyester (51% recycled)/5% spandex.

The First Fair Trade Certified™ Wetsuits

We’ve worked with Sheico, the world’s leading wetsuit manufacturer, to introduce Fair Trade to the wetsuit industry. It sends more money back to the people who make our gear, and ensures that the factory complies with Fair Trade USA’s standards for safe and healthy working conditions.
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Our Wetsuit Warranty

Unique in the surf industry, we stand behind everything we make—including our wetsuits. However, wetsuits require care if they’re going to perform and wear as intended throughout their expected lifetime. See our wetsuit warranty form for further details.