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'Watershed Chats' with Dave Rastovich + Lauren Hill

| Patagonia

Episode 2: Sean Doherty.


Deconstruct strategies from the successful Fight for the Bight campaign with one of the movement's central voices, Sean Doherty, also one of surfing's most celebrated storytellers. This campaign was a win not only for Australian marine life, livelihoods, and coastlines, but also for the power of community to peacefully resist corporate insanity.  



Big Oil Don't Surf protest at Bells Beach, 2018Protesters at the first Big Oil Don't Surf rally, October 14, 2018, at Bells Beach. Photo: Jarrah Lynch.


Head of Brand Engagement at Patagonia Australia and New Zealand, Sean Doherty is a journalist and author who has spent more than three decades reporting on surf culture, identity, and industry, with a humorous, self-deprecating, Aussie larrikin tone. 


Empowering, educating, and activating a coastal constituency around Australia, Sean has connected with mainstream ocean folk and used the 'old story' to the movement's advantage. 




Watershed Chats are deep dives with experts and those having a go at building and dreaming new ways for a healthy and habitable future on Planet Ocean. 

Watershed moments are traditionally understood as a division or distinction between two phases. They can be turning points that define our shared history. We're asking: where to from here?


Presented by The Waterpeople Podcast in collaboration with Patagonia.


Banner image – Sean Doherty at the Currumbin paddle out. Photo: Trent Mitchell.