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'Watershed Chats' with Dave Rastovich + Lauren Hill

| Patagonia

Episode 3: Leah Thomas.


What are the links between social justice and environmentalism?


Leah Thomas is at the leading edge of Intersectional Environmentalism, a term she coined as a way to advocate for the protection of people and the planet simultaneously.



Leah Thomas at last year's Strike For Climate in Ventura, California. Photo: courtesy of Leah Thomas @greengirlleah.



Our co-worker, Leah is a writer and activist. After posting a powerful graphic and pledge on Instagram, Leah’s unifying ideas went viral amidst the rising tide of the Black Lives Matter movement.


By focusing on the lived experiences of marginalised people and communities, who also bear disproportionate impacts from environmental crises, Intersectional Environmentalism connects the dots between personal, political, and planetary.





Watershed Chats are deep dives with experts and those having a go at building and dreaming new ways for a healthy and habitable future on Planet Ocean. 

Watershed moments are traditionally understood as a division or distinction between two phases. They can be turning points that define our shared history. We're asking: where to from here?


Presented by The Waterpeople Podcast in collaboration with Patagonia.


Banner image – Photo: courtesy of Leah Thomas @greengirlleah.